Perpacity have today released their new double single titled ‘Little Death’ and ‘Feel My Pain’. Poptastic electronic with a touch of personality and a dose of darkness, we get a glimpse of the audio audacity that is Perpacity with an immersion into their world and how their music has that near perfect flow. Songs as a sin. It feels good to be bad.

About Perpacity

Perpacity members are Ian Harling and Martin Nyrup residing in the UK and in Denmark respectively. Each has over 20+ years of musical experience, ranging from writing music and live performance to studio work and music production.

Perpacity creates haunting melodies and driving beats, characterized by their unique electronic landscapes.
Perpacity released their debut album ‘The Sinner Inclination’ in 2015, through Global Dance Records, which consisted of a back catalogue material of their early instrumentals and songs.

Since then Perpacity have released several well-received singles, amongst these are ‘Obscene’, ‘Save Me’ and ‘Volatile Cohesion’.

  • 2016 saw the release of their 14 track album ‘Arise’.
  • 2018 Perpacity released their highly acclaimed third studio album ‘The Order Of Now’.
  • 2020 Perpacity released their fourth studio album ‘Conflagration’ on physical and digital through Scentair Records.

Perpacity will release their new album “Discordia” within the foreseeable future.