Richard Orofino has released his new video for the track titled ‘Johnnycakes’. I first became a fan of Richard’s when I saw his video for ‘Bending‘. Since then I have realized that Richard is in his own world musically. Bending in his own wind and in his own world. There is a lucid dream state within his style that lures you in with curiosity and keeps you in awe.

While the video is a stark contract to ‘Bending’, there is a bonding between the two that shows a creative evolution in flow. That feeling of being wrapped in Richard’s creativity and filled with the love that went into this music.

Listen with your headphones and close your eyes.

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About Richard Orofino

Richard Orofino is a Brooklyn based singer-songwriter, producer. Originally from Long Island, NY, he has collaborated with a diverse group of artist/writer/producers in NY, LA, Nashville and London including Evan Voytas (UPSAHL, Loyal Lobos), Isaac Flynn (Hembree), John Carroll-Kirby (Solange, Connan Mockasin) and Gabe Wax (Soccer Mommy, War On Drugs). After discovering an interest in production around 2013, he’s been fusing his artistic vision across all aspects of being a modern day ‘singer-songwriter plus’ offering.

With a string of releases in 2021 such as ‘Fake Me’ and ‘Wanna Say’ featured in the likes of Wonderland, Clash Magazine and more, Richard then released the anticipated EP ‘Chimaera’, with the lead single ‘Scratch Off’. Richard’s personality and a subtle yet deserved swagger shines through on this track in particular, with his once bedroom pop sound now evolving into a more nuanced sphere. He then began 2022 with the quirky and brilliantly off-centre ‘Bending’, followed up by hook filled sadcore anthem ‘Superstar’, both of which showed Orofino’s continued development in his sound.

The third single of his already brilliant year is the broody yet melancholically inviting ‘Johnnycakes’. A spiralling, guitar grunged track from the off, Richard looks inwards in a track that is all about wanting something you shouldn’t. Co-written with friend and producer Christian Taylor, the song started on a baritone guitar played by Rich, before Taylor surrounded the bones of the song with some amazing and mind bending synths.

The result is a slower builder of a song which transpires into something quite extraordinary towards the end, with a cascade of synths and guitars that washes over you in a highly transcendent and unique way that only Richard Orofino seems to do. For fans of Skullcrusher and Slow Pulp, Orofino has already come into his own sonic direction, which seemingly knows no boundaries. ‘Johnnycakes’ is another primary example of this, as he continues to set himself aside from his counterparts.