The EP’s lead track, ‘Girl Code’, touches on a painful betrayal at the hands of a friend; combining catchy melodies with haunting guitar riffs that create an undeniable tension.

Peta is no stranger to the game. Her time with Victoria Avenue has already shown her 2 #1 singles, ‘Quit You’ and ‘Knock Knock’, the opening slot at Metro Theatre with Grammy-nominated artist Hunter Hayes, and the opportunity to share festival stages with the likes of Lady Antebellum and Keith Urban. However, if you’re searching for another ‘Quit You’ or ‘Knock Knock’, you’ve come to the wrong place. Peta’s new sound prioritizes pop, rock, and R&B; adding just a hint of country to the flavor. In this record, you’ll hear live instruments over synth, driven grooves, and soaring vocal melodies. Peta has formed a bold sound that is rich and engrossing – a sound which showcases her bright side AND her dark side seamlessly.

Peta attributes this unique blend to artists such as Maren Morris, John Mayer, and Paramore. ‘They’re some of my biggest inspirations, yet they’re so different from one another in a genre sense’, she began, ‘what I feel they have in common is that they’re progressive. That ability to put a fresh spin on a traditional sound, and to break down genre rigidity and connect with a wider audience, is something I aspired to with this record.’

‘Girl Code’ is the start of something new for the Sydney singer/songwriter; and her debut record ‘This Is Not About You’ is the first raw, unashamed expression of who Peta Mai has become.

“I chose Girl Code as my first release because the song details a pivotal moment in my life. It definitely set certain events into motion – two of those being the evolution of my songwriting and the overarching concept for this record. I think it sets the tone.”
– Peta Mai

Dynamic and captivating Sydney singer/songwriter Peta Mai is a name to look out for. Her soulfulness combined with her bold and deep tone will grab your attention and hold it tight. The 22-year-old has a surprising maturity and depth to her stories, delivering them with a ‘take no prisoners’ approach that radiates in her music and her life.

“Being an artist is the only thing that felt right to me. I’m a deep thinker and feeler-like most of us creatives, and I’ve been blessed with incredible opportunities to explore that and document my experiences on the roads that lead me to today. I dare say that there will be many more twists and turns in the course to come.”

Peta always delivers an honest performance as an artist and writer, telling her stories in a fresh, authentic and vulnerable way. Peta started writing young, drawing inspiration from country and its story-teller nature, the soul of R&B, and the edginess of rock. Her eclectic taste has played an integral role in Peta’s life and development as a human; and she brings them all together in knock out performances that could have you singing into your hairbrush, dancing on the edge of your seat or sharing your broken heart with the stranger sitting next to you.

Peta Mai has spent her life performing and sharing her voice and stories with the masses, appearing at festivals such as CMC Rocks Queensland, Deni Ute Muster & Gympie Music Muster with some of the world’s biggest international country stars, including Grammy award-winning trio Lady Antebellum & Keith Urban. Peta has also played to a full house at the Metro Theatre, opening for Grammy-nominated artist Hunter Hayes.

“For me, there’s no better way to understand your own personal experience with happiness, fear, anger or heartbreak than pouring it onto that piece of paper. All you need is your heart to bring it to life, and your ears and eyes to watch it click with loved ones, past loves, and complete strangers.”