Some of you no doubt remember The Goood Things. They are still one of my favorite #indie acts. Whatever happens to that group, however, rest assured that there is a completely different band out there straight from Tokyo with a connection known as Mike Hannah. Mike is also the frontman for The Mootekkis. And they have just dropped a stellar new album in the form of ‘Pucker Up’. The Mootekkis are a meaner sounding band than The Good Things. In a good way. This band is a freight train on the album. Chugging along track after track with pounding beats and driving rhythms with such a collective of frenzy that this ‘Pucker Up’ demands the listener put up and see this band live. Think of this album as an invitation to one of the best live shows around.

‘Pucker Up’ is set to release on June 16.

'Pucker Up' cover.
‘Pucker Up’ cover.

About The Mootekkis
“The Mootekkis represent a kind of eternal present in rock’n’roll…They do it in style, with a boozy, loose feel that makes almost palpable the crush of bodies in a dark live house…” Dan Grunebaum, Metropolis Magazine, Tokyo

This booze-loving Tokyo-based 5-piece – Australian, American and 3 Japanese – garage rock’n’roll band was formed midway through 2008 by Jude (guitar) and Mike (vox) and two years later were featured on the front cover of Japanzine after winning the magazine’s nation-wide battle of the bands with their 2010 EP track “Hey…What You Want?”.

More recently a number of their tracks from 2014 debut album “Heckling the Dawn” have been used for the Skateboarding Japan podcast while their tune “The Whiskey” is the theme music for drinkers and skaters delight podcast Got Faded Japan.

Prior to this, in August 2012 they embarked on a 10-day tour of New York where they played Manhattan hot spots Bowery Electric and Piano’s as well as New Haven’s Elm Bar and a handful of basement and loft parties in Brooklyn – before this trip 2 members had never been outside Japan.

Brooklyn’s Ishmael Osekre, an organizer of the festival Aputumpu, had this to say after seeing The Mootekkis at a Bushwick loft party: “This was pure rock’n’roll in a way that most people around here haven’t seen for a long time…it was just amazing.”

The Mootekkis have had the good fortune of having a lot of good people behind them. In 2013 they crowdfunded their debut album and in 2014 they finished in the top 10 of Tokyo’s 126 bands trying to earn a spot at Summer Sonic thanks to immense local and foreign support.

They’re truly humbled and wholly committed to giving rock’n’roll lovers something new with decades of respect for what has come before.

The Mootekkis are:

Mike (vocals)
Jude (rhythm/lead)
Koji (rhythm/lead)
Yo’cchan (bass)
Takahiro (drums)

twitter25@themootekkis [rotatingtweets screen_name=’themootekkis’]

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