Peyton Shay has today released her new single titled ‘Twisted Saint’ from her upcoming EP ‘Daydream Police’. Peyton’s music, especially this new song released today, plays like an old soul still filled with life and love and showing it has a lot left to give. To find that level of music in someone so young is a rare feat in and of itself, but here it is. Realizing that Peyton began her career at 11 years old makes sense with that previous statement.

The song feels like an all out musical endeavor, with a monster hook and relentless attitude that doesn’t let go but lets you in.

About Peyton Shay

Peyton Shay experienced she exploded on TikTok and reached #18 on the US Billboard charts and #7 in the UK. It also resonated with the anime community, garnering over 5 million TikTok views. Her music has been featured in various TV shows and networks, including Netflix’s All American, CBS’s Big Bang Theory, MLB Network, Nascar Race Hub, and Hallmark. Brands like Forever 21, Lululemon, Makeup Revolution, and Victoria’s Secret have used her songs in their videos, showcasing her widespread appeal.

Peyton Shay’s musical journey began at the tender age of 11. Her passion for music was evident early on; by 12, she had already released her first song. Her early exposure to music came through playing piano as a vocal warm-up during her stint in Les Misérables, sparking a lifelong love for music. She honed her skills through self-teaching, utilizing YouTube videos as her guide, before expanding into professional training for piano, vocals, and movement.

Besides music, Peyton has a penchant for acting, often seen in horror shows and films. These acting stints, coupled with her love for singing and playing the piano, provided a creative outlet during breaks on set. Her independent nature, sometimes overly so, is evident in her early songs, reflecting themes of avoidance, heartbreak, and love. She has a knack for infusing light-heartedness into heavy-hearted situations, often surprising listeners with her lyrical choices.

Hellbent on creating music that both entertains and inspires while encouraging listeners to embrace their true selves, Peyton Shay is ambitious, breaking barriers and setting new standards.

Featured image by Adam Castilla.