With ‘At The Dad Rock Café’, Cologne based band Slowklahoma drench themselves in the music taste of Dads and other fatherfigures worldwide. Meeting point for all dads waiting for the children, sitting at half-empty tables, drinking half-empty drinks, smoking half burned cigarettes seem to be daily business. Somewhere between Harmonicas, seeing more of oneselfs dad in the mirror, cold smoke and Neil Young, Slowklahoma find comfort in the haunting last words sung by a waiting father: “If you need me, well if you’re lonely, I’ll be here: At the Dad-Rock-Café”.

In Victor Gelling’s imagination, Slowklahoma is a place where the fictional North America coincides with the harsh reality of contemporary Europe. American Myths and Echo Park will meet half-forgotten heroins of the GDR and grandfathers suffering from dementia in this place called Slowklahoma. Underlied with a mix of jangle pop and alternative country, synths and Americana twang, they sing about feral hogs, the first German in space, fathers waiting for their children and conspiracy theories about the death of Andy Kaufman. The sound of a place where the sea and surf are far away and you have to be content with the Baltic Sea and rural Brandenburg. Music for people who secretly don’t want to wear their cowboy hats ironically.

SOURCE: Official Bio

Featured image by Fabian Neubauer.