1. Another Try Plastic Rhino 4:51

Plastic Rhino is a female-fronted Alternative Hard Rock duo from LA. Raised on 70’s Progressive Rock, 80’s Hair Metal, and 90’s Alternative Grunge, Plastic Rhino have a deep root in Rock ‘N Roll music. Lead singer and co-writer Atara wanted to be a singer in a band from a very young age, lead guitarist and co-writer Jack decided he wanted to learn to play guitar after attending his first Metallica concert at the age of 13. When the two of them met in 2011, a strong friendship was formed based on a mutual love for Rock history and live music.

In 2013, they stepped into the studio to create their debut EP “Confessions Of A Nobody”. Having no clear concept, what became of it was a vast array of music styles and ideas. They formed the band Plastic Rhino and gigged around town, introducing themselves to the music scene. In 2014, they met Tom Chandler, a rock producer who worked with many local and national bands at a show. They decided to collaborate, and “Let’s Begin”- the 2nd EP was released. The EP narrowed the scope of the band’s sound towards 90’s alternative female fronted bands such as Garbage, No Doubt, and Veruca Salt. It garnered local and national attention from many media outlets, giving the band a larger online footprint.

Plastic Rhino, then decided to go back into the studio in 2015 with Tom to create an even heavier rock sound for the band. The new album “Recondition”, seven riff-heavy songs with brutal melodic vocal performances, inspired by their favourite hard-hitting rock bands, Audioslave, Queens Of The Stone Age and Alice In Chains. The album garnered lots of media and local attention with hits like “Make It Heavy” and “Big Man Baby”. After so many years of hard work, the band hit a plateau. Jack joined other bands, and Atara went solo.

All of a sudden, 5 years had passed, and Plastic Rhino found themselves stuck at home in a pandemic bored and looking for a creative outlet. The songs started writing themselves in a way, and Jack and Atara had 15 new song ideas. They hit up their old Producer Tom again, and the next album was created in 2020. “Terminus” is 9 songs, created from the pain and suffering that was the year 2020. Capturing the early 2000 rock vibes, but modern musicality. “Euphoria Now” was the first single released, and to great reception. “King” followed, and was placed on the “All New Rock” Spotify editorial playlist, as well as 95.5 KLOS Heidi and Frank show. “King” music video continues to win awards at film festivals around the world. Plastic Rhino also got love from Apple’s editorial rock playlists for “Another Try”, “I Give You Up”, and “Empath”. Terminus has gotten radio spins around the world, and has been placed in top 100 rock charts for independent radio. Terminus is out now and a tour is coming soon.

SOURCE: Official Bio