1. Cure For Jelousy Dar.Ra 0:30
  2. Cure For Jelousy (Well Jel Remix) Dar.Ra 0:30
  3. No Time For Tears Dar.Ra 0:30

Dar.Ra has released his EP titled ‘Blood N Treasure’. A sonic cornucopia of dance, pop, and righteous beat that marches forward with musical innovation and reinvention.

Dar has always had a penchant for originality and is one of those artists that has truly found his sound. Take that for what you will, but we have a genre defining artist in the midst of a creative streak that never seems to end.

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About Dar.Ra

Dar.Ra Is A Fore-Runner Of Rock Step. A New Sub Genre Of Rock Music From The UK That Glues The Guitar Bliss Of Rock N Roll With The Euphoria Of EDM! Vevo

Dar.Ra is a really Unique songwriter, producer and author who makes an Amazing blend of Rock and Soul Music (21st Artists Hollywood) Highly Impressive (Planet Earth Radio USA) Well worth listening to this Artist (Strutter Zine Mag Holland) Dar.Ra infuses layers of vocals and instrumentation into each record he makes. The genius of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by the Beatles, came to mind while listening to “Phenomenal”, “Back To The Brink” and “Heart Shape Pill” (Tune Loud Magazine USA) Rushing through with an intense energy is the colossal riffing of Dar.Ra’s “Heart Shape Pill”.

Dar.Ra infuses a certain level of late-night sleaze into the proceedings resulting in an absolute blast of a track. Wild and carefree the song is pure bliss. (Bongo Boy TV) ‘This is Different’ Johnny Doom Kerrang Radio UK Great Music, Ass Kicking Deep Tones Metal Mayhem Radio UK Rock Steady Is Gold Jamerzine Magazine USA Phenomenal Album SME Fusion Radio South Africa Nominated ‘Heart Shape Pill’ GK Rock Music Indie Radio Music Award 2018 Nominated ‘Phenomenal’ Rock Song Of The Year Radio WigWam FM 2018 Nominated IMA’s Artist Of The Year 2019 Countdown Number 1 Single LOZ Radio USA Top 20 Radio Air Play Charts USA Rock N Roll Sensation New Sound Express