What does Cajun Country and Boston have in common? Both areas have influenced the up and coming Louisianan pop punk outfit Enderson, who have just announced that they have signed with Imminence Records. Enderson joins a roster that features pop punk influenced bands Backslashes And Bad Ideas and Definitely A First. Vocalist Dylan Frederick commented on the signing, “It feels like every day that goes by, our pursuit to continue this dream continues to be fueled. All the love and support from our fans pulled us through some dark times. With that said we are proud to announce that our dream is becoming a reality after signing with Imminence Records.”

Dylan continued, “We are looking at our bright future with Imminence and we are very thrilled for our upcoming EP that we will be releasing with them. On that note, are pleased to finally to give back to all of our fans with our new and long awaited single.” The band partnered up with Kill The Music to exclusively premiere the single, entitled “Is It Okay?,”

The single showcases the band’s blend of gritty pop punk and more pop rock sounding pop punk that All Time Low and others have played over the years. 2015 looks to be an active year for the band as they will release their brand new, and label debut, EP along with touring throughout the south. More details will be released on both as they each draw nearer.

About Enderson:
In September of 2013, vocalist and rhythm guitarist Dylan Frederick, along with drummer Aaron Hayes, had decided to form a pop punk band. After meeting lead guitarist Bailey Peltier and bassist Gabby Thibodeaux, Enderson was formed and they began work on their debut release Making Lessons out of Enemies. They quickly received air play on WHAY 98.3’s Josh’s Underground Music Show and Planet Radio 105.1’s Local Stew for their songs “Holding On To Staying Strong” and “Tell Your Own Stories For A Change”. Enderson quickly began surging in the local Louisiana music scene with their powerful pop punk rhythms, catchy and poppy lyrics along with their energetic stage performance. In December 2014 they announced that they have signed with Imminence Records and released their new single “Is It Okay.”