Memphis death metal outfit Prophasis, Imminence Records’ newest signing, are pleased to see their debut full length see a wider release today after seeing it’s limited release last March. The album is now available from iTunes, AmazonMP3, Google Play, Bandcamp, Spotfiy, Rido, and the rest of the digital stores worldwide along with a Bandcamp exclusive bundle with To Be A King. Prophasis are currently hard at work on their label debut EP that promises to be faster and more melodic while featuring a darker more focused sound that adds more of a melodic death metal influence into the band’s sound.

On the current songwriting process vocalist Alan Ervin states, “The current songwriting process for this EP compared to the process of Boundaries is different in that, before it was mostly Brad (Wickham) coming up with drum ideas and Cody coming up with the riffs, whereas now we have more ideas coming from everyone on everything from song structure to drums to riffs.” With Cody adding, “This time around Ryan has had the chance to show that he can also be very valuable to the writing process now that he has been in the band during the pre-production process. It’s becoming more of a collaborative effort.” The band is expected to release the EP and do some regional touring later this year.

“Boundaries is a must-listen, must-own album. It is exhilarating. It is original within the confines of the genre in which the uninitiated have consigned it. You have no excuse to push Boundaries past the boundaries of your album budget.”

“Overall, Prophasis has crafted a spectacular, everlasting album that redefines what it means to be boundless. Where most bands merely toe the line, Prophasis has leapt far over it, pushing through every barrier and tearing through every limit to raise the standards to a new high. The fluidity at which this album progresses is astounding – each track masterfully flows into one another, yet still maintains their own aggressive individuality. Prophasis’ Boundaries is a truly limitless, flawless masterpiece.”
Ouch That Hurtz

“Prophasis have all of the elements needed to become a staple in the death metal scene.”
Beyond The Pit Chicago

About Prophasis:
Death metal outfit Prophasis was formed in Memphis, Tennessee in June of 2012 when two members from a former local Memphis band decided to start up a new project. After creating some demos, word got around and eventually the drummer/guitarist duo found a full band that consisted of Alan Ervin on vocals, Brad Wichham on drums, Cody Landers on guitar, and Ryan Katka on bass. After playing plenty of shows in and around Memphis while also playing two out of town shows in Tupelo, MS, the band released a full length debut album on March 18, 2014. The album, entitled Boundaries, serves as the first chapter of a band that has quicken climbed up the ranks and caught label interest. In February of 2015, Prophasis announced that they had signed with Imminence Records and are working on a brand new EP.