Room 1985 is the self-titled debut Psychedelic-Electronic rock album from the Manchester UK based duo Chris Crysand and John Hulse.

The debut single “The Door” will take you hand-in-hand to lands where Pink Floyd meet Public Service Broadcasting and The Editors meet God Is An Astronaut, all bound together for a 21st-century tsunami sound wave.

Room 1985 an emotional and ethereal driven album with 11 tracks (plus 6 extra) that will bring together an explosion of influences and styles from Psychedelia to Ambient, Rock to Funk and from digital to analog dreams. With this unique debut concept album the band attempts to mix retro 80’s synths, and rock guitars with modern production techniques, bluesy and dream–like guitar solos, and huge eclectic power drumming.

Drawing on the soundtracks of some classic sci-fi movies – with the genius of John Carpenter and the deep subconscious – each track, both in live performances and in the studio, pushes the concept forward and puts the listener in the eye of the story, driving the classic concept music style of the alternative 1970’s, the joy of the 80’s and the touch of today’s sound in one gigantic wave of emotions.

ROOM 1985 are:
Chris Crysand: Guitars, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Synths.
John Hulse: Drums, Percussions, Electronic Drums, Programming.

CHRIS CRYSAND is a multi-instrumental musician with a past in the progressive rock and metal scene, and has played onstage with prog-rock monsters such as Van Der Graaf Generator, Emily Lynn (Australian Pink Floyd), Italian prog giants PFM and Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso plus many experiences and collaborations in the EDM music scene with DJ Antoine Becks, Shannon Leto from 30 Seconds To Mars, Lel Brothas and many more.

JOHN HULSE is a young and talented session drummer and is currently involved in a number of different projects based in and around the absolutely thrilling and vibrant Manchester and Nottingham music scene.