Rooted has released their new sing titled ‘Waiting’. One thing you may not realize, or quickly forget, is that these are middle school students. Remember that while listening to ‘Waiting’. Because you will then hear the musical ambition, the talent, the songwriting, and so on. Appearing to come from musicians of much older stature and feeling later in their careers, we know that we are listening to a band in that ‘we knew them when’ moment.

The song is a solid hook filled song for summer with a tightness only found in professionals and a penchant only found in dreamers. These aren’t just preteens, these are virtuosos.


Tell us about the song “Waiting.”

The idea behind the song “Waiting” is that it’s about wanting something in life but being so afraid of not getting it that you don’t even dare to try. Sometimes the expectations and goals that people have of themselves can overwhelm them to the point of a mental and emotional shutdown.

How did the band get its name?

We came up with the name “Rooted” during some good food and company. We wanted a name that represented how we are all “Rooted” in friends, family, and love since without them we wouldn’t be where we are now.

How did Rooted get its start and is it a bit different, or more complicated getting something like this started being so young?

Starting so young allowed us to have no pressure when performing. We just were out there to have fun. As we got older, we felt more pressure to deliver great performances, but the good thing is we’re so used to performing with one another.

Now that we are exiting the pandemic, are there any plans to play shows or venues?

We had a great run during spring. We got to play Pasadena Eclectic Music Festival, Temple City’s Camelia Festival and our last performance was the LA County Fair. This summer we’re working hard on releasing more singles and hopefully our upcoming EP.

Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?

I hope to see Rooted performing on much bigger venues in front of international audiences who can appreciate and enjoy our music. Maybe I’ll have a girlfriend too. Haha…

What’s next for Rooted?

Our band is going to LACM (Los Angeles College of Music) for a summer performance program to improve our skills and learn new things. We’re very excited to go back!

About Rooted

Sparkling songcraft, impressive musicality, and captivating enthusiasm: Rooted is a five-member indie pop-rock band from the Los Angeles suburbs of the San Gabriel Valley whose shining artistry far surpasses the members’ chronological ages.

The Asian-American quintet of middle school students has built a substantial following with performances at carnivals, street fairs, school events, battles of the bands, and in 2022, onstage at the massive Los Angeles County Fair in Pomona, California to commemorate AAPI weekend.

Their debut single “Waiting,” a retro-modern track with echoes of Eighties and Nineties pop, pairs Rooted’s onstage exuberance with sophisticated studio polish. Built around an irresistible melodic hook, the song presents a vibrant band, rooted – as their name signifies – in the unwavering support of family, friends, and community.

Vocalist and guitarist Shalom Lim, who wrote “Waiting,” and singer-songwriter Genevieve Thai, are Rooted co-founders. Joined by bassist Valen Shieh, guitarist Karissa Lee, and Selina Ye on keyboards and synths, the five evolved as a band while performing covers by Guns ‘N’ Roses, Journey, and Echosmith – what they classify as “older music with more depth and meaning.”

The pandemic changed everything. For Rooted, it might have halted their hard won momentum. Instead, it gave them time to dedicate to their music as they moved forward through the adversity. The band also participated in the Los Angeles College of Music’s annual program, “Summer Xperience.” Mentored by faculty members with platinum credits, their performances and musicality were both lauded and uplifted.

In the corresponding “Waiting” video, the band members occupy a classroom, passing a handwritten note that asks, “Wanna start a band?” It’s a fitting locale, as the five met as students in elementary school in San Gabriel Valley. With shots of Rooted illuminated on an art-directed soundstage, the narrative expands on the song’s endearing theme of a romantic crush, framed within the context of a dream.

On camera, as they stroll down a local street, the members of Rooted appear as a group of kids you might see at the mall, in a comic store, or at an anime convention. Herein lies their appeal – unassumingly natural, the five friends project an optimistic positivity that is undeniable.

It might be observed that the rise of Rooted signifies the edge of an increasingly multicultural narrative, with inclusion and representation to inspire the new generations of creators. Charismatic, authentic, and exhilarating, Rooted presents fresh music with the power to open doors — a vibrant soundtrack for a welcome future.