Forming in Colorado Springs only thirteen months ago, in May of 2014, Roots Like Mountains has quickly risen up the ranks and garnered plenty of attention from industry professionals. Some of that attention was in the form of The Sights Set North Agency that the band is pleased to announce that they have joined. Vocalist Nathan Alexander had this to say, “Touring has been a dream that we have all shared, striving to be better and better every show, song, lyric, and interaction so we could have the opportunity to go back out on the road and do what we love. We are so excited to bring the Sights Set North Agency family into ours, we cannot wait to be back out on the road with our extended family of fans as well as see what the future holds for us.” The band will be on the majority of the just announced Dysfunctional Family Tour with Imminence Records’ Under Paris, As Earth Shatters, and Motives (June 20th – June 28th). The tour begins June 20th in Evansville, IN before ending July 3rd in Algona, IA. Key dates on the tour include Memphis (June 21st), Washington DC (June 25th), and Brooklyn (June 27th).

6/20 – The Pineapple Project – Evansville, IN (NO Roots Like Mountains)
6/21 – The Abbey – Memphis, TN
6/22 – Swayze’s – Marietta, GA
6/23 – Zakk’s Coffeehouse – Mufreesboro, NC
6/24 – TBA
6/25 – The Electric Maid – Washington DC
6/26 – The Skyline – Middletown, NY
6/27 – Bushwick Public House – Brooklyn, NY
6/28 – Montague Elks Lounge – Turner Falls, MA
6/29 – TBA
6/30 – TBA
7/1 – The Ritz – Warren, MI
7/2 – The Triple Play – Fulton, IL
7/3 – The Afterlife Lounge – Algona, IA

About Roots Like Mountains:
Roots Like Mountains was created as a means to escape from the weight of our past and to express the deep passion for music that burns in each of us. They all come from different backgrounds, and they’ve walked different paths. Through it all, they found that music has a power to affect the hearts and minds of people in a way that defies reason or belief. Through the band’s music, the members seek to connect with people in a way that skips the mind and goes straight to the heart. The members want to share their joy, anger, and pain to remind people that they are not alone. That they are surrounded by people who think and feel the same as they do, and in that, they are all together. They are family.

Roots Like Mountains strive to build a community of people from all different homes, backgrounds, lifestyles, communities, and countries, and bring them together to share the love of music, to share their love, joy, anger, sadness, and passion, to share all the weight of this life, and to keep on fighting together. Whether listeners have been with the band from the start, found them at random, or are a new fan they are all a FAMILY. Roots Like Mountains has been named as one of the “bands you should keep an eye on” and is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. Look out for more tours and new music in 2015.