Roskamala has debuted her new single and video titled ‘Beautiful Disease’ featuring Ivy Marie. ‘Beautiful Disease’ is one of those tracks that slowly builds a solemn universe around you as you listen and intake every note and hang on every whispered lyric. Memorably melancholy with the feels of a sad giant, I feel that this song was meant for me in those quiet moments of reflection and solitude.

About Roskamala

Singer/songwriter, producer, screenwriter and actor Roskamala is set to make her mark as a creative visionary with her thoughtful musical releases full of evocative storytelling wrapped in a unique sonic fusion. Born and raised in Thailand, Roskamala became an actress and fashion TV host. Realizing that her dream was to pursue music full time, the songwriter moved to the United States and teamed up with acclaimed Grammy award-winning producers Ghian Wright (Paul McCartney, Coldplay, Janet Jackson, Foo Fighters) and Robert L. Smith (Lady Gaga, David Bowie, U2) for her debut EP.

Roskamala’s new EP entitled truth she told, is an existential narrative on the trials and tribulations of what it is like to be human and how our experiences shape who we are. She confides, “We all have our own stories to tell of good times and bad times. We tend to focus too much on the bad times, but one thing I believe in is hope. You will find this in every one of my songs if you have the right attitude and learn from our shared experiences. Life can be tough but we all have the power to make it better and create a wonderful future.” Roskamala brilliantly relays these extreme emotions in relatable narratives, touching the listener and inspiring them to try and find hope and understanding that they’re not alone in every struggle. Sonically, truth she told features a variety of genres including dark pop, R&B, rock, and even soul for an intoxicating collection of songs.

Leading single “Kiss Me Amnesia” is a dark alt-pop song that delivers a stirring message about the ghosts of the past and the burdensome effects of unhealed trauma. The single explores the concept of two co-existing worlds, Reality and Amnesia World, that connect the past and present through a karmic bond where former relationships, repressed feelings and damaging patterns all intertwine in a fateful experience. She confides, “The message is that if you don’t make peace with your past it will always haunt your future reality.” Euphoric and moody, “Kiss Me Amnesia” features intimate vocals that glide effortlessly over cinematic dipped electronic soundscapes for a beautifully raw and introspective musical journey.

“Loving Mess featuring Lia Apa” is a vibrant and colorful pop anthem about accepting your own faults and moving confidently in the game of love. With soul-drenched soaring vocals over bright kaleidoscopic soundscapes, “Loving Mess” is a playful and teasing song about daring someone to entice us. Roskamala confides the single, “was written from acceptance and self-awareness. You are what you think and what if we can surprise ourselves with a new discovery and break the cycles by thinking differently. Seeing our flaws positively. What if we fail 1000 times and 1001st time we succeed? It’s worth failing, isn’t it? Instead of worrying about the future or our issues, the song turns it into a game of love.”

“Beautiful Disease featuring Ivy Marie” is about the fact that “too much of anything will make you sick.” From Disney movies and Hallmark classics, we often develop idealized views of love. When love morphs into idealization and obsession, it can become like an addiction and lead to toxic relationships, extreme jealousy and revenge. The song and music video portray the story of a woman who travels down this dark road which turns her reality into a nightmare,” confides Roskamala. Seductive honey-dipped vocals flow over intoxicating melodies for a vulnerable song about yearning and escape.

“Out of The Maze” is a song all about living against the norms. With decadent electronic pop landscapes under colliding melodies full of heart, “Out of The Maze” is a dance pop banger sure to entice with every note.

“Chameleon” is a gorgeous ballad full of soulful melodies and delicate piano. The track is all about the relatable theme of being a people pleaser and being trapped in a situation to where one looses their identity. Roskamala confides, “I wrote it when I was questioning whether the life I had was meant for me, imagining what life would be like if I was truly free, physically & spiritually. This song is about the inner war to be free.”

A true artist, Roskamala is dynamic and mult-faceted. Her debut EP is imaginative and creative, capturing the essence of love, loss and new beginnings. Roskamala’s music already has over 800,000 plays and the artist has received praise from tastemakers Wonderland Magazine, LADYGUNN, Earmilk, and Atwood Magazine to name a few.