Only Okay has premiered his new EP titled ‘Warzone’. As part of his goal to release a new EP on the last Friday of every month until 2024, Only Okay has set his own personal bar very, very high.

Starting off almost like the beginning of an emotional movie, Only Okay delves into demons, delinquents, and the derivatives of life, love and simply being. to encapsulate that into four unique songs, each with their own personality, is something that takes thought and execution. And, keeping in mind that this is part of a larger scope to release EPs every month for the rest of the year heeds and extra amount of appreciation and respect.

I’m a musician, not a rapper. But, I also acknowledge that rappers are musicians. and Only Okay reminds me that this is a special talent in and of itself.

About Only Okay

Only Okay is a rapper born in Albany, New York and currently residing in Canton, Michigan. He has been putting out music for 5+ years, with his personal and professional growth being shown through his releases. Only Okay has performed at venues from Mac’s Bar in East Lansing to Colorfest in Canton, most recently performing at the International Arts and Peace Festival in Taylor, Michigan.

Only Okay’s main purpose is to prove that it is not what you are, it’s who you are, and that there is bliss found in the acceptance of understanding your place in the world. The importance of perception is a main theme found in his writing; his music contains a heavy emphasis on lyrics and storytelling. Only Okay has written about his struggles with depression and anxiety in hopes to reassure others that they are not alone.

In 2021, he was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. Since then, Only Okay has turned to meditation, medication and education. His biggest goals are to reform mental health systems and make treatments more accessible, as well as change the way that History is taught from Elementary to High School. Music is a way for Only Okay to better explain these big ideas, and so, “Double O” details deep personal themes concerning loss, money, relationships, mental health, learning to be joyful and happy with who you are.

Only Okay believes that every single person has something that makes them special and they shouldn’t be afraid to share that with the world. He will also be putting out a new 4 song EP on the last Friday of every month until 2024.