Law of Attraction is an impassioned call to the universe and the energies around and within us all. A futuristic sound with a sensual soul. Back to Zero is a laid back stream of consciousness about the cyclic nature of life an exploration of the freedom of starting over again and again.

Her ethereal yet soulful voice sweeps over the tracks teetering between the uplifting and the bittersweet, the enigmatic yet lucid poetry holds onto hope expressing it with every note!

Sabira said ” I love these songs. they express my introverted self and thoughts on things i believe in deeply. Ive been listening to a lot of Abrahim Hicks talks on the power of coming into alignment with yourself and your spirit, it feels delicious to practice this in song. These songs have documented that journey that exploration of self and its connection to all beings and things. I give love and thanks for these gifts, these tracks. There is plenty more to come.”