Sasha Atlas has just premiered her new single releasing tomorrow, February 15th, titled ‘Time’. An original and musically and beautifully incessant take on a Pink Floyd classic, I find it hard to call this a remake. I call it a rebirth. Something totally new out of something recognized. This is Sasha’s song. While showing her roots she now displays where she is musically and creatively, and it’s wonderful.

Rewriting the hook and cascading that against a club like sound is as brilliant as it is daring. Sasha really and truly shows that she is an artist willing to take bold steps and think outside of the box. Pink Floyd, as an artist, is a scary thing to try to emulate or remake. Sasha takes this further by simply rewriting the track around her. And while doing that is hit or miss in and of itself, she does it with a panache and style that you can’t help but have that special ‘aha!’ moment when you first listen to this. It is now a new song. In all of it’s glory. Without stepping on any of the toes laid out by the original. It’s a new thing. For a new ‘Time’. For all time.

About ‘Time’

Rapidly rising electropop artist Sasha Atlas is releasing her ethereal version of Pink Floyd’s “Time” on February 15. Fans will hear progressive house influences through the cover’s beats and melodic structure, while Sasha rounds things out with the electropop touches listeners have come to expect from the singer. With its themes of growing older and untapped potential, the song feels fitting for Sasha’s first release of 2024.

Her recent projects, including “NY, it was fun,” mark a pivotal moment in the artist’s career as she moves down the East Coast and into Miami’s buzzing electronic music scene. With such a life shift comes countless unknown possibilities – a realization that has fueled Sasha’s drive to firmly make her mark as not only a songwriter and artist, but also as a hybrid DJ and producer.

Sasha hopes fans are delightfully surprised by this unique interpretation of the well-known classic. Produced with Konstanin Korsakov, this cover includes similarities to Rufus Du Sol, London Grammar, and DeadMau5. “If they don’t know the original, I just hope they groove and dance and throw this on their party playlists,” she says. The multi-faceted creative imagines DJs using this cover and more of her upcoming projects in their mixes, which is a huge focus of her career moving forward. Fans can stay tuned in to upcoming shows, DJ sets, and social media events by following Sasha Atlas on Instagram and TikTok.

About Sasha Atlas

Sasha is a recording artist from New York City, currently based in Miami. A musician, writer, and financier, she has lived many lives. From sneaking into underground music venues in Bushwick as a teen, to doing deals with the Wall Street’s hungriest wolves, to spending months in lockdown through curfews and unrest, Sasha has been every iteration of the city.

Throughout it all, she has collected stories that have shaped an intense world view. Her alternative sound is a blend of songwriter ballads, progressive rock, and synth-pop; it is opinionated and bold, but betrays a sensitive soul that longs for resolutions. She is not afraid of much, and intends to contribute her voice to conversations with global impacts with the hope that her music will give a platform to those who yearn to be heard.