Known for creating and featuring on some of the scenes most seminal works, UK Hip Hop’s prodigal son Savvy aka Asaviour has an extensive back catalogue of works with highly established artists both in and out of the genre of UK hip hop such as: DJ IQ (Luke storey) Verb T (four owls) Jehst, Bloc Party, Athlete etc shown the breadth of vision from this formidable and revered artist.

Written and produced by the man himself and featuring the insane vocal talents of Malcolm Carson, lead singer of group Tape The Radio. Savvy comments: “The Only Way I know is a relentless ode to never giving in. Pushing until you feel you have nothing left, and then picking yourself up again and pushing until your heart bursts”.

Emotional, provocative, inspirational and ultimately unrelenting lyrics are the order of the day here. As soon as the drums thunder into action you know Savvy is back with a vengeance. The electrifying guitar riff and synth lifts you up and doesn’t let go. The track is hair-raising stuff from start to finish from this northern powerhouse and merely just the beginning of his onslaught of new music.

Alongside the track, Savvy has launched an exclusive limited edition tee and with every order fans will receive a free copy of the new single – before anybody else gets to hear it. What’s more, if you wear the t-shirt to any of Savvy’s up and coming gigs you’ll gain free entry.

The iconic design, which is already whipping up a storm on Instagram, symbolises ‘The Battle for Hearts and Minds’ (#tbfham) – the title of the rapper’s latest LP.

You can also still purchase the #TBFHAM T-shirt which will include a free download of the single and free access to Savvy’s up and coming live shows. CLICK HERE.