Second Hand Mojo has released their new single titled ‘Sister Surrender’. Having already surpassed the one million views mark for their previous video ‘Good Vibes’, the band takes a different direction with a more (slightly) subdued tone and feel with this track that has both a classic rock retro feel and new independent vibe while retaining and honoring that guitar rock genre styling.

Second Hand Mojo has always been one of those bands that knows what their signature sound was always going to be. They take their idols and move them ‘step by step’ forward into that next evolution of their own revolution on their own terms.

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About Second Hand Mojo & ‘Sister Surrender’

Second Hand Mojo, the blues-rock band out of Canton, Michigan and surrounding areas, has a new single, “Sister Surrender”. This new song tells quite a story and is sure to capture your attention with its infectious groove and unforgettable melody. It’s the follow-up to their, “Good Vibes”, single which has garnered well over 1 million YouTube streams and is getting its own beer named after it.

Second Hand Mojo, who always gives off a good time, rock ‘n’ roll party vibe, is Vern Springer (guitar, vocals), Chuck Riepenhoff (lead vocals) Scott Brokaw (percussion, vocals), MarQ Andrew Speck “Q” (keys, vocals) and James Hampton (bass, vocals).

Springer says, ‘“Sister Surrender” is a story in 3 acts. The first act the protagonist is a guy driving down a deserted road at night and he spots a woman dressed as a nun on the side of the road. This is Sister Mysterious. He pulls over and she gets in the car. In the second act, the woman becomes Sister Evil. This is where she decides to kill the driver and herself. In the third act, the driver talks her out of harming them both. She then becomes, “Sister Surrender”. She has surrendered herself to the light, if you will, and finds redemption from whatever brought her to the place, he found her in act 2. It is a story about salvation for two people in the end.”

Second Hand Mojo is busy playing shows, where they recently shared the stage with King’s X, Uli Jon Roth, and Trope to name a few. In May, the band is playing at Erie Rocks in Toledo and debuting their beer. In July, they have two festivals: Uncle Sam Jam in Woodhaven, Michigan and Wetzelland in Grover Hill, Ohio. They are also currently writing for the next recordings as well as preparing to release another single and the EP.