Selbor has today released his new single titled ‘Lava In The Sky’. Welcoming in that “just entered the club” kind of way, the song seeps into your hips and demands a wiggle.

Part retro and all original, ‘Lava In The Sky’ glides smoothly into the monster hook and chorus and never lets up without even trying. This is an emotion and ambition put to music.

About ‘Lava In The Sky’

The single is Selbor’s funkiest track to date, with a delightfully bouncy bassline, disco guitar riffs, and vocoder vocals – all topped off by a saxophone solo. As the song reaches its anthemic chorus and Selbor sings “all your troubles melt like Lava In The Sky”, it’s impossible not to give into the dancefloor catharsis.

If you detect some Daft Punk vibes on “Lava in the Sky”, that’s no accident, as this track was written on the day the French duo officially called it quits. “I wrote Lava in the Sky the day that Daft Punk split up as a tribute to them. I’m a big fan of their music and just happened to be in the studio that day when we found out.” Attempting to emulate perhaps the biggest dance act of the new millennium is certainly a tall order, but Lava in the Sky succeeds not by directly copying Daft Punk’s homework and instead trying to capture the freewheeling spirit of their early work and translating it to Selbor’s distinct electronic pop style.

“Lava in the Sky” is the first new music from Selbor since the release of his debut self-titled album earlier this year, which blends elements of flamenco, disco, electronica, and indie dance into a unique concoction. The music of Selbor has already made fans of fellow artists like Agoria, Caribou, Roman Flügel and most notably Hot Chip, who co-produced and remixed the single “Your Love”.

As is the case with all Kitsune Musique singles, each month a new artist is commissioned to create the artwork, and for September that featured artist is the Paris based illustrator Milena Bucholz.

About Selbor

Selbor’s eclectic sonic palette and his background as a music producer, singer and DJ produce a unique blend of electronic pop music that is both enticing and emotive.Taking inspiration from personal experience and explorations in love, nature and death, lyrics are an integral part of Selbor’s songwriting process in addition to the richly detailed sonics – taking as much inspiration from indie artists like Talk Talk, The Cocteau Twins, Lisa Germano, and Sufjan Stevens as from the more obvious indie dance artists such as collaborator Hot Chip as well as similar acts like Cut Copy and Pheonix.

While his debut self-titled album focused on a unique blend of indie electronic, disco, house, pop, and subtle elements of Flamenco, Selbor does not see his style as being set in stone, and approaches every new song and project as a chance to explore and expand his horizons. As he put it in an interview with Wonderland Magazine, “I don’t think I have found my sound yet and that’s a good thing in my opinion. I like to evolve with each song I write and explore new sounds, vocals, genres. Artists spend so much time trying to find their unique distinctive sound, it can sometimes be stressful. I’ll be always trying to find my sound as that’s what motivates me to write more and more music.”

Now with “Lava in the Sky” expanding those horizons even further with its electro-disco style, the possibilities for Selbor are wide open.