Shataramarie Jackson started out as a child model at the age of 2 years when she appeared in baby Gap commercials.

She was interested in singing and was introduced to music when her family was featured in various magazines and talent shows, including Summer Jam of 1992. Her mother was in a group named ‘West Coast Family’ which performed around the bay area. In 1998, at the age of 11, Shataramarie won her first talent show, singing “How Do I Live” by Leanne Rimes. When she was 16, she joined a girl group named ‘Triple SK’. However, it became hard for her being in the group as her interest in music didn’t quite match up with her teammates. She later decided to go solo.

In the meantime, she took up modeling as a career. She has done well as a model, featuring in many magazines, including three cover appearances. After working as a model for about 5 years, she decided to come back to music. She trained for three years before releasing her debut single “Cincinnati (Prince’ton Street),” which made her popular overnight.

A fan of Sade, Prince and Cher, Shataramarie Jackson started writing songs when she was in school. Her songs have a laid back jazzy vibe to them. Between music and modeling, she is more passionate about the former. Even though she can play the guitar, she considers her voice to be her best instrument. Everything she does, including her songs, comes from her heart. She doesn’t shy away from putting her personal experiences into her music. The song Cincinnati was a spontaneous creation from Shataramarie, she didn’t have to write down the song.

As of 2017, Shataramarie took her music to another level leaving the sweet and sexy R&B behind bring straight sex in her next record which was finally released of the month of JUNE of 2017 to celebrate LGBT Community! She’s really showing us another side of her! (EYES WIDE OPEN).