Shataramarie from San Francisco, CA, is BACK with a new style from what you have heard before from her past records.

She is NOW considered Queen of Rock & Roll! She released an exclusive album on 04.17.17, with a rock and roll sound (NO MORE of that sexy slow music we are all used too).

Shataramarie is still most popular for bringing you her hit single “Cincinnati (Prince’ton Street)” back in October of 2015, and has been a major hit for radio airplay from Japan to NYC, back to California and overseas.

Her new album is titled “Me & My Guitar”. We are really excited to hear what’s on the record. The first single to be released on the new album is called “Why Oh Why”.

Make sure you check her out on Instagram and Facebook. Links are below.

The album is also available on iTunes, Googleplay, Spotify, Pandora, TIDAL, and ect.