Shiny Brain Crayons has released their new single titled ‘Noodles for Life’ via Luna-Sky Records. Beautifully pop and vibrant with a hook, Shiny Brain Crayons grab summer by the backside of the b*lls and make it stay a minute longer with a song meant for the poolside as well as the indie universe.

What I initially gravitated to with this track is the feeling the song gives. Fun and filling with a signature sound embedded throughout. The lush tones and cany coated way about it make the song just so f*cking fun to listen to. Plus, the chorus actually gives it an anthemic flavor.

Listen for yourself. Ingest. Endure. Enthrall.

About Shiny Brain Crayons & ‘Noodles for Life’

‘Noodles for Life’ is the second single by emerging alternative indie punk duo Shiny Brain Crayons released via UK indie label Luna-Sky Records. Championing creativity and abstract introspection, Noodles for Life is what would be playing if Alex Garland’s film The Beach were soundtracked in 2023.

A washed out hazy beat with bouncing bass exhales, sweeping away the texture for the abstract poetry verse journey through nature.

“I do things my own way, bowl of noodles and me” sums up the philosophical mind wandering of ‘Noodles for Life’. Overlaying a junior chorus of voices, harmonies and natural wave sounds, award winning producer/multi-instrumentalist Stergin has created a meditative, pulsing energy ideal for the upbeat wellness, self-growth community.

Stergin & singer/multi-instrumentalist Marianne Canning have played a smattering of shows since their projects’ inception early this year. They continue their debut single approach with flair, bold colour and a driving social media to firmly stamp their crayon-filled brain logo ready for a 2024 takeover.

Their debut self-named single ‘Shiny Brain Crayons’ and second release ‘Noodles for Life’ are part of an emerging EP planned for next year.

Both musicians have been involved in many projects over the years, having been signed to major & indie labels (eg. Red Bull), creating award winning live shows (12 Photos 12 Tracks the global journey of a Polaroid turned into music), and touring the world with bands including The King Blues.

Featured image by Nora Jenewein.