Shiny Brain Crayons has released their new single titled ‘Old Beliefs’ via Luna-Sky Records. Smooth soul with a persistent and slightly rebellious streak, think modern take on Tom Tom Club with an atmosphere of originality, the beat marches on with a song that creeps into your psyche like that song that never leaves your head, but doesn’t matter because you really don’t mind it, but go slightly insane noentheless.

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About Shiny Brain Crayons & ‘Old Beliefs’

The song hypnotises like a snake charmer, enticing the mind to break free of limiting cycles shackling us to our habits, and grow into our future selves. Groove-based riffs, stark drums and driving guitar licks build into dark electronic beats – Welcome to the signature sound of Shiny Brain Crayons!

Delving deeper into the human psyche, 2024 is the time to reflect, move forward and ‘scratch off the Old Beliefs’; confronting us to ask ourselves ‘what are you standing for?’

After gaining international radio and blog features in the US, UK, Europe and Asia with previous single Noodles For Life, the band hit back with a refreshing new years reminder.

Championing creativity and abstract introspection, Old Beliefs follows SBC’s message of psychology, meditation and self-empowerment.

Award winning producer/multi-instrumentalist Stergin weaves music, effects and simplicity against a crunchy energetic sound world that will soon captivate across the hip-hop, electronic, indie and punk audiences.
Stergin & singer/multi-instrumentalist Marianne Canning honed their energetic live show in 2023, and continued to bless listeners with colour, bold statements and a palpable sense of having fun with music.

‘Old Beliefs’ follows their previous singles ‘Shiny Brain Crayons’ and ‘Noodles for Life’ in an upcoming EP set for release later this year.

Both musicians have been involved in many projects over the years, having been signed to major & indie labels (eg. Red Bull), creating award winning live shows (12 Photos 12 Tracks – the global journey of a Polaroid turned into music) and touring the world with bands such as The King Blues.

Featured image by Nora Jenewein.