Siena Bjørn has today released her new single titled ‘Down Bad’. Almost a reinvention of the music, Siena Bjørn gives a little bit of retro R&B with a dash of that classic Motown vibe with modern flair and classic decadence with a penchant for an artist who ‘gets it’.

That gritty swagger and bravado in her voice is what instantly sells me. Almost at home in a Martin Scorsese soundtrack as much as it would be in any Spotify playlist, the hook and snark is as infectious as it is memorable.

About Siena Bjørn

Siena Bjornerud (Siena Bjørn) is a singer/songwriter whose music dances between pop, alt R&B and Jazz. Capturing the attention of listeners across the globe, Siena under the name Siena Bjørn uses her distinct, powerful vocals and captivating melodies to express her feelings and experiences as a woman, while touching on self-discovery and self-love.

Born in Seattle, Washington and raised in Denver, Colorado, Siena began her artistic career as a tot dancing for the Maine State, Pacific Northwest and Colorado ballet companies. She is also known for her work as an actress, having trained in theater at New York University, Tisch Drama and the Atlantic Acting Conservatory. The multi-dimensional artist continues to hone her abilities as an actress in Los Angeles as the protégé of world renowned actor Dabney Coleman and can be seen in theaters across America in her new film The Hill which was released August 25th.

Her latest single “Down Bad” shows off her punchy lyrical abilities wrapped in cinematic melodies. With an infectious chorus over an invigorating track, the retro doo-wop inspired song details unrequited lust and a lover who fawns over a woman who’s no longer interested. “Down Bad” marks a transformative musical shift for Siena and a new intention for her sound.