Social Drag has today released the new single titled ‘Drug Like You’, from the upcoming eponymous EP releasing in mid January 2023.

Anthemic if compared to rock, and close to the heart if cutting to the bone, ‘Drug Like You’ is one of those future ‘f*ck you’s’ to the one we are currently infatuated with. Not realizing the affects of the sleeper chip the illuminati put in your head to make you feel that way about a certain person (I put it that way so everyone will understand it), we lose control and feel elated with false feelings of security as this anthem plays and we live it.

Happily for us, we have songs like this and artists like Social Drag to help us through the trying times ahead of withdrawal to let us know we are not the only one. And this song shows it can be done with beautiful style.

About Social Drag

Social Drag is a ‘90s rock inspired, original project from singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, Emily Hulslander. As frontwoman of the project, Hulslander is the sole songwriter and producer, enlisting various members of the Los Angeles musical community to round out the line up for live shows and studio recordings.

The single “Drug Like You” evokes Weezer (the Blue Album era) as well as Liz Phair, with its chunky guitars, melodic hooks, and slightly satirical lyrics. The song’s lyrics draw comparison to feelings of euphoria, loss of self control and the excitement and high of a new relationship that you can’t get enough of. The upcoming self-titled EP is slated for release in mid Jan. 2023.