SUN has today released their new video for the track titled ‘John & I (Money)’. Filmed in Paris and conceived with sheer audacity; SUN delivers a sonic smackdown to the ego and a cunt-punch to all of the sufferers of affluenza.

The chorus is the main monster of the song. Crank the track up and wait for it. That call for revolution. That musical meltdown transitioning into mayhem is a repeated listen in and of itself. Future classic.

About SUN & ‘John & I’

SUN says, ‘”John & I (Money)” is a cynical and sassy rock song about the twisted relationship of a rich couple (the woman’s point of view). After a poppy verse with a sassy riff, cute melody and cynical lyrics the chorus comes in like a hardcore tornado with brutal honesty and aggressive screams like the meltdown of a rich Karen! When I wrote the song I imagined a rich housewife losing it in her mansion, there is no love between her and John, it’s all pretending and her teenage daughter Amberleen already hates her guts and can’t wait to get out of there.”

“John & I (Money)” was recorded in France at Studio Blackbox and produced by SUN and manager Bassem Ajaltouni. In addition, it is being released on Dark Spark Music.

SUN is finishing up her Asia tour and has played festival dates in Europe. She also has upcoming tours in Germany, Denmark, France and Brazil. Pending UK and US dates coming soon.