Sofia Gillani has today released her new single titled ‘Flames’. Part soul, part R n’ B, all original. Set as a slow churning burn done in the style of a hungry artist, Sofia lends a message for overcoming that toxic part of your life that acts as a roadblock. And, she does it with style.

About ‘Flames’

Flames is paired with the latest release, ‘Water Run Dry’ to amplify the message of natural change and karma.

After ‘Water Run Dry’, an abstract metaphor on never losing hope and looking for a solution when times felt impossible, ‘Flames’ comes along to coincide that message and become the extinguisher of disbelief, a further metaphor of using flames to extinguish something. It eliminates obstacles (as mentioned in the first few lines) and showcases the progression of Sofia Gillani expressing herself into the next era of courage and development, whilst foreshadowing an even heavier, stronger, and wiser climax.

It’s cutthroat when addressing the main issues in anyone’s life, ranging from liars, patience, restraint, but most of all, consequences. There is no escape from the sacrifices we made, and this song is here to glorify it. It burns misconceptions, and paves a way for Sofia, through the ashes she breathed in during ‘Other Side’, the games she ignored from ‘Ain’t a game’, the patience she had during ‘Waiting for you’ and the persistence even when it got tough from ‘Water Run Dry’. Now she’s ready to raise the fire higher, and emerge through the flames.

About Sofia Gillani

Sofia Gillani is a singer/songwriter born and raised in London. Sofia began her musical career at just 9 years old; starring as a lead in the musical ‘Evita’. Since 2020, she has released four songs, each with their own videos, and her latest single ‘Water Run Dry’ has been featured by BBC Introducing. This summer she is set to play at numerous events including Luton Pride.