Forgetmyname has today released her new single titled ‘High’. Fresh for the summer and hot off the tail of her previous single ‘Complex‘, Forgetmyname gives us the musical bookend with a fun filled longing for those summers when we all gathered around the above-ground pool with that enormous cordless phone with the retractable antenna and the kids just getting out of little league ready for a swim and jamming to the radio playing the best FM hits of the day while dad gets the gas grill ready.

Aside from that, we get more than nostalgia. we get that feeling that we all need to end the isolation with a song that doesn’t acknowledge anything but the said feeling that we need. We’re all better people for having heard this.

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About ‘High’

‘High’ has an undeniable summer vibe to it, but “High” contrasts the immediate satisfaction and uplift of this particular style of pop music with, as she puts it, “a longing for what used to be”. Lyrically, the song depicts a failing relationship, with two people struggling with their own insecurities, both using getting high as an escape from the true reality of the relationship that they are having a hard time just walking away from.

The release of “High” comes following the debut Forgetmyname single “Complex”, a heart-wrenching breakup ballad that was accompanied by a cinematic music video that dramatizes the song’s classic “Mr Brightside”-style love triangle narrative. The song and video made a huge splash upon its release, with “Complex” featured in new music playlists from Ones To Watch, NPR, and Consequence.

About Forgetmyname

Singer / songwriter Nicole Morales, aka Forgetmyname grew up bouncing between places in the United States and a brief stint in Peru, before her family eventually settled down in Raleigh North Carolina. During those formative years, her parents exposed her to a mix of 80s synth pop that she fell in love with and informs her sonic palette to this day, and Spanish music like Enanitos Verdes, Mana, and Aventura that she says has played a big role in shaping the way she writes songs and tells stories.

The instrumental sound of “High” as well as previous single “Complex” was created by Nicole with the help of producer Greason, who also releases music as a solo artist and is instrumental collaborator in helping Forgetmyname find her signature synth pop sound.

These two first singles are just a taste of more new music to come from Forgetmyname, whose pseudonym is hopefully ironic, as she is undoubtedly an artist whose name you’re going to want to to remember with a bright future ahead.