Spangled has released their new video for the track titled ‘Horizon’s Glance’ from their upcoming six track EP ‘Always in Colour’ dropping May 24th.

That snarky feeling of wanting to get out of your chair and flail yourself around the room like an idiot without a skeleton is the best way to describe ‘Horizon’s Glance’. It’s like a sudden rush of blood to the head. Clarity destroying the confinement you may feel. Yet it’s fun and accessible.

What I get, above all, is that this is a band in tune, not only with their sound, but each other. This is a group of lads who love to play. And it shows.

Take a whiff, gander, whatever it takes and whatever you need to join the party because the door is open.

About Spangled & ‘Horizon’s Glance’

‘Horizon’s Glance’ marches into your ears like a squadron of juggernauts.

Driven warbly guitars jangle like a death knell to all things ordinary. Inspired by the likes of Elbow’s “Grounds for Divorce” and The Smiths “How Soon is Now”.

Spangled have been reborn in the new year with a collection of songs that span funk, indie pop, rock and anthems in their journey to forge music that will stand the test of time continues.

The collection of songs soon to be announced encapsulates what the band is about, being different, having a laugh along the way and experimenting with new music.

“Horizon’s Glance marks the start of this next chapter, there is more to come. It’s about a Chinese takeaway I made up in my head. It’s a magical place. It’s where I go to when I’m feeling down. The magical Chinese takeaway in my noggin. You should try it.”

Featured image by Owen Peters.