1. 33 1/2 Stel Furet 3:22

I was probably 8 or 9 years old when I decided I wanted to make music. Back then the dream seemed so unattainable. There was no internet, no digital recording. Record companies owned the world and their rock stars were from another planet. I spent my time alone in my bedroom playing guitar to the few records I had and secretly scratching out lyrics on scrap paper and throwing them away for fear someone might make fun of me. It wasn’t until I was 12 that I was given my first guitar and not until I was 18 that played my first real gig. I sat in with a band at a miserable house party full of drunken frat boys on the Kent State campus. The music was good, girls were kissed, and punches were thrown. I thought I was on my way.

The music business being what it was at the time, this was far from the truth. I spent the next couple of decades bouncing in and out of various music scenes with long stints of doing nothing. I spent time in cover bands, trying to record, and living with the fear that if I really went for it and failed, I’d have nothing. In 2005 I married my wife Jen and we were so busy with life that other than an occasional get together, music mostly fell to the side.

In the summer of 2018, I found myself with everything anyone could want or need, yet I was unfulfilled. For the first time in my life, I accepted that time was slipping away and that not taking a serious shot at a legit musical endeavor would be an absolute failure. A serious jab at music could no longer wait.

Though I hadn’t sung a note or picked up a guitar in several years. I went after “human nature machine” hard like it was the only album I would ever make. (I now have 2 more in the works.) After a few false starts and more than a few mistakes, I made something I’m proud of and that people genuinely connect with. I made the music that came out of me. It is the music I needed to make, but not necessarily the music I set out to make. And that shows in its authenticity and originality.

I don’t have a long illustrious career peppered with accolades and stories of being on the road. Not in the music industry. I don’t want to be famous, or a Rockstar, or rich. I just want to make good music that YOU love.

SOURCE: Official Bio