StrateJacket has today released their new self titled EP via EDGEOUT Records. I always have a soft spot in my musical heart for power trios. That combination of rawness and power permeates through, when it’s done right. Add to that a melodic overtone and you have what StrateJacket is at their core. This is a band that takes their sonic signature and stamps it right on your forehead. Kind of like those old National Geographic shows where they tag the animals. But, hey, why not let them in. They have that sound that is missing from most people’s album collections while being accessible enough to risk being overcome by the fair-weather crowd looking for that new cool to collectivize around.

While any of these tracks could be a single, there is a singularity about them, when put together, that gives you a taste of that live show you’re dying to see. Take that in, let it out, and listen to your new favorite band.

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About StrateJacket

StrateJacket, the nimble and punky alt rock trio from California’s Bay Area have had to learn the hard way that good things come to those who wait. Formed in 2019, they quickly found themselves stuck in the middle of a pandemic, stunting the band’s career before it even started. Singer guitarist, Jackson Roemers, bassist, Fabian Angel, and drummer Nate Mangold were not ones to give up easily. This youthful band of early twenty somethings honed their craft and found their catchy, fast, and energetic sound in merging their individual influences. Acts ranging from The Beatles and Arctic Monkeys to Led Zeppelin and Blink 182 were among their favorites.

The band eventually played some of their first shows with a guerilla approach to gigging, driving all over San Francisco to play under bridges, on beaches, and in warehouses. This earned a devoted fanbase in the process, and caught the attention of EDGEOUT Records, which signed them in 2021. Stratejacket recorded a bulk of new music at Vancouver’s Armoury Studios in November of 2022 with the Juno/BMI winning Canadian producer/songwriter Brian Howes (Hinder, Skillet, Boys Like Girls). They also secured the Grammy Award winning Chris Lord Alge (Green Day, Muse, Prince) to mix the tunes. The band released their debut single under EDGEOUT, titled ‘Bad Start’ on September 22, 2023.

“Bad Start,” was one of the earliest songs they wrote which they penned in 2020 when it really felt like they’d gotten a raw deal compared to their friends’ bands, who had been gigging for months and years before them. “I wonder if I’ll be OK,” Roemers sings, “Will I ever escape this place?” before segueing into a pile driving chorus listing all the things he hopes to overcome: A small brain, a big heart, a shut mouth, a bad start. You’d almost feel sorry for him if the song weren’t so catchy. “It’s kind of an homage to the Bay Area, snotty, kind of angry song,” he says, referring to bands like Green Day, Rancid, and AFI who were writing punk songs with big choruses around Stratejacket’s hometown years before they formed. “It was mostly just about a really bad day.” The track almost didn’t make the cut until they saw the reaction it got when they finally were able to play it for audiences. ‘Bad Start’ has also been featured on EA Sports NHL 2024 video game.