Mayflower Madame has today released their new video and single titled ‘A Foretold Ecstasy’, from their long awaited upcoming third album, dropping this fall.

As dark and brooding as the track sounds, there is an endearment to it that welcomes you in to ponder the music, as your music. Partly alluding to the urge of addiction in an effort to stop the inner pain, you can find more personal meaning and muse in the lyrics, which can relate to us on certain levels. Encapsulated by a future classic vibe and feel like a train that never stops while wondering where it’s headed, ‘A Foretold Ecstasy’ is a foreshadowing, of sorts, as a soundtrack to that brooding thought in your head that demands and heeds resolution.

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About Mayflower Madame & ‘A Foretold Ecstasy’

“A Foretold Ecstasy” is the first single from Norwegian band Mayflower Madame’s upcoming and highly anticipated third album. The song sees the band refining their signature blend of post-punk, shoegaze and psychedelia into a sharper soundscape distinguished by a pulsating, forceful rhythm section, atmospheric synths and reverb-drenched guitars that stab and shine. It’s the perfect soundtrack for the nightly walks of restless city dwellers, but also a highly potent dancefloor-filler at gritty indie clubs.

According to singer and songwriter Trond Fagernes, the lyrics speak about “constantly chasing some sort of elation or intoxicating sensation to relieve one’s inner turmoil, while still being aware that it’s just a passing state followed by an inevitable downfall”. The result is an enigmatic, but alluring song with big choruses that feels both uplifting and gloomy at the same time.

Directed by the band’s long-time visual collaborator Astrid Serck, the accompanying video builds further upon the song’s powerful, vibrating rhythm and the feelings of emotional tension, longing and escapism.

Over the past years, Mayflower Madame has gained a reputation far beyond their hometown of Oslo, Norway. They made their debut with the album Observed in a Dream in 2016, which received rave reviews and earned them tours across Europe and North America, while 2020s long-awaited sequel Prepared for a Nightmare firmly established their position as one of the continent’s leading purveyors of cinematic psych-gaze swathed in 1980s dark romanticism.

Their upcoming album is due for release in the fall of 2024. It has been mixed and mastered by renowned Italian engineer Maurizio Baggio (The Soft Moon, Boy Harsher, The Vacant Lots). It will be released digitally via their own label Night Cult Records (Norway), on CD via Icy Cold Records (France) and on vinyl via Only Lovers Records (France) and Up In Her Room (UK).

Featured image by Miriam Brenne.