Swedish duo Essen Hiort’s emo-electronic sound is unspoiled, full of beauty and has a depth that is perfectly illustrated on their stunning debut single ‘Deep As The Night’.

Melodic and deep, soulful yet suggestive, the music develops an inner strength to a place where blissful electronic vibes are perfectly accompanied with the sublime vocals from long-time musical collaborator Cloud Vince.

As the duo explain: ‘the song is about the art of letting go when you go through stressful times. About how hard it can be to take the time to rest when situations and people crave one’s attention. The importance of seeing each other emotionally in a relationship, nurturing the romantic bond, the passion, in order to stay strong and balanced when facing the everyday struggles of being a human being.’

Essen & Hiort are two talented Swedish songwriters. They quickly became friends meeting through a mutual associate in 2012 having both had very different yet successful respective music careers: “Essen” came up as a hip-hop DJ in the mid 90’s and used to play the biggest clubs in Scandinavia until beat making took over in 2003. He´s been Grammy-nominated in Sweden and praised by his peers. “Hiort” came up as an indie-rock artist in Sweden. He had a famous “Swindie” in the 90’s and learned to play guitar and write songs as a teen. Hiort has been a songwriter for decades, successfully writing for artists in both Sweden and Norway.

Essen Hiort ‘Deep As The Night’ was released on May 12 via disco:wax.