Chuck full O’ Riffs and laced with guitar heavy hooks, Kovax’ new EP “If There Was Ever Any Doubt” is a how to at constructing chunky power rock. Each track has it’s own identity, a rare thing in today’s music, while maintaining the style and innovation that is Kovax. Listen and learn indie bands, the next evolution of revolution has arrived!


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Cover Art - If There Was Ever Any Doubt
Cover Art – If There Was Ever Any Doubt

About Kovax
Kovax launched in January 2016, which included the release of debut single ‘Godot’ in January 2016, along with b-side ‘Marigolds’, and a four-day run of shows, including gigs at The Parish, in Huddersfield, and headlining an Inutero Presents show in Leeds.

Kovax then released their follow up single ‘Monkeys’ in June 2016, which was played on BBC Radio Leeds and Sheffield and lead to the band being featured in Discovered Magazine’s ‘The North’ issue. The release of ‘Monkeys’ coincided with two short summer tours, during which Kovax played alongside incredible British bands such as Youth Man, I Cried Wolf and Nova Hands and at events such as Live in Barnsley and Alt-Metal Fest in Manchester.

Following this Kovax then took time to work on new material, which was put to the test live in November on an 8 date tour with Nova Hands. The new material went down well, encapsulating the raw aggression and groove based pop-sensibilities the band are known for. So, Kovax then went into the studio at the beginning of December 2016 to work on their anticipated debut EP ‘If There Was Ever Any Doubt’, which was released on 8th May 2017.

The band are also still regularly playing shows, cementing their reputation as one of Leeds’ loudest and most energetic bands.

SOURCE: Official Bio