Swirlpool is a Dream-Pop and Shoegaze project led by Thomas A. Fischer, Markus Kraus and Chris Atzinger, established in 2016. Remaining loyal to the maxim “sounds better with reverb and distortion”, this German band has captured the hearts of numerous enthusiasts in recent years.

These fans have gravitated toward Swirlpool’s music in their quest for contemporary expressions of indie rock and post-punk. Their first EP ‘Camomile’ (2018), and subsequent singles ‘Spinning in Reverse’ (2020) and ‘Cinnamon Sun’ (2021) have been greatly acclaimed, among others, by Whitelight / Whiteheat and Vanyaland. “Let that guitar tone cascade all over your Friday malaise, and take a swan dive into maybe the best new shoegaze track in several years!”

The track, ‘Evergreen’, is part of the German band’s debut LP ‘Distant Echoes’, upcoming in March.

Taking inspiration from 90s icons like My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive, the album breathes fresh life into the best years of rock history.

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SOURCE: Official Bio