Rok Ali and the Addiction have today premiered their new single titled ‘You Want’. The track is a sonic journey, adorned with those emphatic guitar solos and riffs that beckon any rock enthusiast. The collective brilliance of the band, from the layered vocals of Rok Ali to Beverly’s driving basslines, Nix’s face-melting solos, and Murphy’s rhythmic drumming, unveils a modernized take on retro rock.

Each listen to “You Want” unveils new intricacies, showcasing the band’s attention to detail in every instrument and vocal line. Rok Ali and The Addiction assert their position as a force in both rock and prog circles, offering an anthem that challenges listeners to contemplate their desires, almost as if this band holds the answers, and they just might.

“You Want” is available now on streaming platforms. And now for Jammerzine’s exclusive interview with Rok Ali and The Addiction on their new single and what else they’ve been up to since we last spoke to them!

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Exclusive Q&A

This is your first release of 2024, the latest since you put out “Underground Ball” back in October 2023. What has the band been up to the last couple of months?

Thanks for asking – quite a lot!!! We built a rehearsal studio, we rehearse a lot and this helps so much to have one location. The place came out so much better than expected we decided to do some shows there as well both in-person and streaming. We have upcoming showcases scheduled for March! We are preparing to release several more singles in anticipation of dropping the album in June of this year!! A lot more writing and recording of two more albums releasing late 2024 through 2026!

Respectfully, the group seems to wear its influences proudly. Does the band (or any specific member) have any influences that may surprise your fans?

Yes we do!! Chris Nix, our guitar player and producer, often goes to the Symphony. I can hear that influence throughout our music. Everyone in the band really admires and enjoys classical music as well.

Take us through the writing process of “You Want”. What was the inspiration and how did it come to fruition?

Great question. Chris Nix is our primary songwriter. He wrote most of “You Want.” Chris is steadfast about not sharing his inspiration so the listener is not led down any path of thinking except their own. I have tried to get it out of him in the past… no go!

What would you like listeners to take away from “You Want”?

I’m so glad you asked. A very wise person shared with me the fact that we bury things down inside of us six layers deep and these things become in the way of our true selves. This song invites you to turn inward and get through the layers so you can change what you need to change and live the most wonderful life ever imagined!

Being the start of a new year, what is the band looking to accomplish in 2024?

We have been together for three and a half years and focused primarily on music. We have written a lot of material, learned who we are, fallen in love with each other, rehearsed endlessly, worked on building the structure to operate well online and radio etc. 2024 brings the excitement of continuing all of this wonder and adding shows to enjoy it all and meet the people we are drawn to and are drawn to us.