Synne Sanden has just premiered her new video for the track titled ‘Like Neon’. Orchestration through originality infused with cinematic flair, Synne is able to capture that magic moment when media feels a signature sound. Synne shows that she is a pure artist. The kind that you remember as one within her own world.

Musically, ‘Like Neon’ is more than it conveys sonically. It’s an immersion. A layered and lucid journey into the experiences of Synne and her reaction and evolution into the person she is now. Growth through expression. The realization of self worth and the epiphany into self growth. To capture that with art is as breathtaking as it is beautiful.

About ‘Like Neon’

“Like Neon” is the first single from the fifth album, Unfold, by the Norwegian experimental pop artist Synne Sanden.

The song is about the importance of healthy intimacy and how damaging sexual experiences can make you feel vulnerable and broken down. The lyrics describe how beautiful sexual nearness can feel, so light and strong that it can glow in your inner darkness to make it vanish. The song and video are about how valuable it is to be seen and touched with respect, presence and love, and what a healing and empowering experience this can be.

The song and video is about how your sexual experiences affect your whole personality, your way of perceiving yourself and how nearness can give you vitality. It’s about how important it is to heal and have healthy intimacy, and how this can make you feel connected and near to someone you love, and to yourself.

The song will make you want to dance in the verses and cry in the chorus. A playful and light song, yet with vulnerable and dramatic parts to balance.

In it, you can hear vocals, synthesizers, accordion, moon drums, harp, drums, beats, strings and wurlitzer. The sound changes from being upbeat and minimalistic to complex, fluid and majestic.

“Like Neon” is the first single from the upcoming album called Unfold, composed by Synne Sanden, and produced by the well known Lars Horntveth. Horntveth has produced for Susanne Sundfør, Kimbra, Aha and Fieh among others. Horntveth is also a member and band leader of Jaga Jazzist.

The song and music video will be released in October with the full album release following in February.

Attached to the single is a music video, directed by Simon Matthew Valentine, who also directed Synne ́s previous video, “Skeleton”, which got nominated at the Berlin Movie Awards, Venice Shorts and a well known short film festival in Grimstad, Norway. Contemporary dancer Sarjo Sankareh contributes to the video with beautiful movements that tell the story about healing through nearness,

together with Synne. The silver mask that Synne wears in the video is a custom design in collaboration with German designer Carina Shoshtary, known for her work with Björk, L’Officiel and more.