Released on October 24th, “Letters” is the latest EP by Oklahoma City’s The Flycatchers. Consisting of singer/songwriter Chris Jones, guitarist Isaac Stalling, vocalist and songwriter Ken Pomeroy, percussionist Ethan Neel, and bassist Mike Rose, The Flycatchers supply authentic rock for the modern age. A journeyman lineman by trade, Jones credits a lot of his work ethic to his grandfather, who taught him everything about being a lineman from the age of 20. The band’s first record (Songs For Red) was an homage to him. A handful of songs that were a way of paying respect for his unwavering belief in Chris.

The Flycatchers have been a supporting act for Oklahoma/Texas music staples such as Read Southall, Jason Boland, Chris Knight, Shane Smith and the Saints, Kody West, Kyle Nix, Kaitlin Butts, and others. Letters will be released in the fall of 2022 and The Flycatchers will be on the road in support of the record in 2023.

The band’s latest release kicks off with the euphorically-driven track “The Ledge”, lyrics with a theme of pushing limits (metaphorically and literally). Followed by “Marigold”, an introspective tune that (from what I hear) is about getting out of a funk you’re in. “Letters” concludes with “Rhythm”, a love letter with lyrics such as “I’m moving in rhythm with you” and how one’s love can change and evolve like the seasons changing.

This new record is different. Letters is a story of love lost and brutal uncertainty, written at a time when the world was in lockdown and I didn’t know if I would get the chance to play on a stage again. I was fresh out of a close relationship and just needed a space to be creative and not think about direction or strategy. I could have given up, feeling mad and sorry for myself. Instead, I took it as a chance to reshape our strategy and sound a bit. With the success of the first record, I had too many people around telling me what I needed to do next.

Too many voices in my ear. We needed a fresh start. Sometimes starting over is a necessary part of life. I went back to building power lines and putting away money to fund the next record. Sixteen hour days in the sun or the cold. I’ve spent a lot of time in hotel rooms with a guitar, writing and revising songs. All that sweat, growth, and focus is reflected in the new record. Letters is very personal and vulnerable, so much I almost didn’t release it. In the end, some of the most important memories and experiences were found while crafting the record. Through these songs, I know who I am now. That’s invaluable.

Chris Jones

“Letters”, along with “Letters Pt. 2”, are available now on all streaming platforms.