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    First Listen: Forgetmyname – High

    Forgetmyname has today released her new single titled 'High'. Fresh for the summer and hot off the tail of her previous single 'Complex', Forgetmyname gives us the musical bookend with a fun filled longing for those summers when we all gathered around the above-ground pool with that enormous cordless phone with the retractable antenna and the kids just getting out of little league ready for a swim and jamming to the radio playing the best FM hits of the day while dad gets the gas grill ready.

    First Listen: Forgetmyname – Complex

    Forgetmyname has today released her new song titled 'Complex'. Electro-pop harmony in all the right ways, 'Complex' utilizes the harmony to cut through the thickest of hearts and give you a case of the feels with a signature sound and contemplative lyrics that, hopefully, shed a little light on any similar situations you may have. What I get from this song is not 'What did I do to make it this way', but 'What can I do to feel right again.' Bravo.