Forgetmyname has today released her new song titled ‘Complex’. Electro-pop harmony in all the right ways, ‘Complex’ utilizes the harmony to cut through the thickest of hearts and give you a case of the feels with a signature sound and contemplative lyrics that, hopefully, shed a little light on any similar situations you may have. What I get from this song is not ‘What did I do to make it this way’, but ‘What can I do to feel right again.’ Bravo.

About ‘Complex’

‘Complex’ is a catchy yet heart-wrenching synth pop breakup ballad that contrasts shimmering 80s inspired production inspired by the artists Nicole grew up listening to like Depeche Mode and Tears For Fears with fresh songwriting and perspective, not unlike contemporary artists like Chvrches and Purity Ring – nostalgic yet forward-thinking at the same time. The release of “Complex” will be followed by a music video for the song on April 18th.

Speaking of the moment of inspiration that led to the creation of “Complex”, Nicole writes “I was out driving and just being dramatic about a breakup and the lyrics just came. It was 5am and I had been driving and really just having that “Mr Brightside” by The Killers moment of just envisioning them with someone else and just destroying my head in mental images… Looking back at the song now It’s like a little trophy to me it was a difficult time and I was writing it as I was going through these things and I feel like it’s really hard to do that as a musician because you have to really find the head space to create in dealing with love and relationships and life. I got to say how I felt and it felt great to put those thoughts and insecurities and almost pettiness into paper and a song.”

About Forgetmyname

Singer / songwriter Nicole Morales, aka Forgetmyname, grew up bouncing between places in the United States and a brief stint in Peru, before her family eventually settled down in Raleigh North Carolina. During those formative years, her parents exposed her to a mix of 80s synth pop that she fell in love with and informs her sonic palette to this day, along with Spanish music from artists like Enanitos Verdes, Mana, and Aventura that she says has played a big role in shaping the way she writes songs and tells stories.

The synth pop sound of “Complex” was created by Nicole with the help of producer Greason, who also releases music as a solo artist and was instrumental in taking the song from its early stages to a complete product. “Complex” is the first taste of more new music to come from Forgetmyname, whose pseudonym is hopefully ironic, as she is undoubtedly an artist whose name you’re going to want to to remember with a bright future ahead.