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    First Listen: Vixen77 – Your Love

    Vixen77 have today released their new single titled 'Your Love'. As if coming straight from a basement they just set fire to, this band grabs you by the feels, which is what I call my balls, and twists them into a mush of anthemic oblivion with an onslaught of guitars à la machine-gun style with an attitude meant for the stage. I would say stadium, but this is too up close for that. Step up and get your head cracked. This is that tough. I would say too short but good things aren't meant to last.
    Mwasiti - Your Love

    Daily Dose: Mwasiti – Your Love

    When you picture a Newcastle based conveyancing lawyer, what image comes to mind? Powerful popstar diva may not be the first but in the case of burgeoning superstar Mwasiti it would be spot on!...

    First Look: Harper and the Moths – Your Love (360° Music Video)

    Filled with catchy hooks galore and driven by pure creativity comes the new 360° music video by Phoenix, Arizona natives Harper and the Moths titled 'Your Love'. This song, for lack of a better...

    International Recording Artists Join Forces to Produce Uplifting Debut

    Award-winning, inspirational songwriter Nate Brown announces the release of "Your Love," the highly anticipated single from the forthcoming album "Open Heaven." The single was recorded live in Venice, alongside Italy's prestigious Veneta Philharmonic Orchestra,...