Filled with catchy hooks galore and driven by pure creativity comes the new 360° music video by Phoenix, Arizona natives Harper and the Moths titled ‘Your Love’. This song, for lack of a better term, is catchy as hell. I’ve had to listen to it 3 times already, and I mean ‘had to’, just to try to get the groove to wear off (it hasn’t). But, those are the types of songs that make your day better. They are the kind that makes you want to dance even if, like me, you can’t dance at all. That makes Harper and the Moths the benefactors of future classics. The video is just pure fun and immerses you into the party by letting you explore the show as if you are not only in it but a part of it.

Explore for yourself in the video above.

Harper and the Moths will be releasing their debut album ‘Dark Enough To Dance’ on July 5th, 2019.

About Harper and the Moths
What began as a remote recording project between friends in early 2013 has morphed into the Phoenix-based dance rock band Harper and the Moths. On July 5th, the quartet will release their debut album Dark Enough To Dance, 12 tracks that deliver glittery, all-night anthems with infusions of new-wave and post-punk.

Vocalist Harper Lines and his “Moths” (who just so happen to have an affinity for staying up late), began work on the album after Lines went through the downward spiral of a serious relationship ending. When things got ugly, the fallout became his inspiration, and his outlet was music. The first single “Your Love” was written to provide closure to anyone who is at the end of a relationship, struggling to see their inner light.

“I wanted to create a pop song that addresses the audience when they’re feeling like they aren’t enough or don’t have the strength to make a difficult but necessary decision,” says Lines.

“Your Love” was released on June 4th with an impressive 360° music video. Taken in two separate takes, Harper and the Moths and several friends & dancers, transport the viewer through a fully-immersive, changing party scene. The viewer can follow whichever character they like through the whole thing and watch again for special Easter eggs.

Harper and the Moths have released three EP’s and a number of singles. Songs like “Walking Through Fire,” “Lose My Touch,” and a cover of Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me,” continue to be Arizona radio, Spotify playlist, and Soundcloud favorites.

On Dark Enough To Dance, the band recruited the talents of recording engineer, Jeremy Parker (Evanescence, Godsmack), and producer duo ESCQ (Cutcraft Music Group). What came together in various sessions over another 6 months has resulted in a great soundtrack to dance away any future heartaches.

“Harper and the Moths bring dance club energy into their vibrant synth pop and the vocal harmonies on this new single will have you ready to join the singalong whether in your car, at a bar, or just jamming out in the privacy of your own home.”
– YabYum Music

“Beautifully captivating and playful in the melody, seasoned with nice brass.”
– PopMuzick

“Harper and the Moths have got a plan and it has nothing to do with being confounding or bland”
– Glide Magazine

“the full-throated falsetto of Harper Lines that makes everything seem like an all-night party machine”
– AZ Central