1. Your Love Mwasiti 2:50

When you picture a Newcastle based conveyancing lawyer, what image comes to mind? Powerful popstar diva may not be the first but in the case of burgeoning superstar Mwasiti it would be spot on! Seeing her in her day-to-day career you might not know it but the artist’s latest single Your Love leaves no doubt that there is much more to Mwasiti than what meets the eye…

With an undeniable passion for culture and arts, Mwasiti earned herself a 6-year scholarship from performing arts during her junior school years in her native country, Kenya, representing her school at national drama competitions and winning countless trophies before moving to Uganda to pursue her degree in Law. It was there that the artist discovered her new love – music and live performance while singing in a band. Approaching a single with the same determination as a court case, Mwasiti is inspired by the world around her, incorporating elements old and new from her surroundings resulting in a sound with its roots in afropop and soul, while crafting a unique identity of its own.

This sound reaches new heights on Mwasiti’s latest single Your Love. From its opening saxophone notes, the track transports listeners to a sunny beach at the height of summer. Groovy electronic beats and keys underscore Mwasiti’s vocals as she ponders over the love and romance between herself and an unnamed partner. The accompanying video pushes the song’s ideas further, cutting between a couple’s romantic whirlwind and Mwasiti singing beside two sensational beach dancers. Dripping in rich colors, Your Love is just the single to transport listeners stuck with grey skies to a world of summer fun.

SOURCE: Official Bio