Tamar Berk has today released her new video for the track titled ‘If U Know, U Know’, from her upcoming album ‘Tiny Injuries’, dropping August 18th.

A continuation of the music previous and an evolution of revolution in it’s truest musical form, Tamar shows that she is as much a brand as an artist with a pure signature sound that highlights the monster hook and gravitates to any playlist.

Take that for what you will, but you can’t not hear ‘If U Know, U Know’ and let the song finish out. It has that panache that keeps you interested. Keeps you in the loop. In the know.

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About Tamar Berk

The Cleveland native started on the Chicago indie garage-rock, psychedelic and punk scenes, emerging as a founding member of the groups Starball and Sweet Heat, releasing albums on such cult indie labels as Thick Records, Minty Fresh and Kill Rock Star. She formed the electro-punk duo the Countdown with her husband, releasing music on Invisible Records.

After relocating to Portland, OR, Tamar performed and recorded in 60’s inspired band The Pynnacles and ‘70s-influenced Paradise while she continued to write her own songs. Since moving to San Diego, Tamar built a partnership with Matt Walker on drums (Smashing Pumpkins, Garbage, Filter, Morrissey) and Sean O’Keefe a the mixing helm (Beach Bunny, Fall Out Boy, Plain White T’s) and launched her solo career with The Restless Dreams of Youth in 2021.