In this Season 8 premiere we find the band Partisan return in triumphant form with a new single and video, ‘Animal’, plus an exclusive interview with frontman Stuart Armstrong. We also have exclusive interviews and new music with Animalweapon, Kate Cosentino, Tamar Berk, and Van Chamberlain. We also have new videos from The Mercy House, Lukas Rossi, Svvarm, and Cody Jasper.

About Partisan

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Stuart Armstrong from the band Partisan. Partisan are back with their first single in over a year titled ‘Animal’. And, to say the least, this is a clear evolution in the sound and future of the band musically and, as you will see in the interview, the start of the new Partisan.

In this interview, we talk with Stuart about the new single, as well as the video for ‘Animal’, which drops today as well as the future plan of all things Partisan. This is definitely a band to follow.


About Tamar Berk

Tamar Berk has released her long awaited album titled ‘Start at the End’ on And we also have the bonus of an exclusive interview with Tamar about the new album as well as a great conversation with a legend of an indie artist. Having just come fresh off the heels of the 31st Annual San Diego Music Awards as a multiple nominee, Tamar showcases a clear evolution of an album with ‘Start at the End’. I have no other way to say this than this is a beautiful album.

Done as a series of life-stories and as a therapeutic diary, Tamar makes each song a personal and relatable journey that we can all not only relate to, but learn from. And in this interview, we talk with Tamar about those life-stories and how they molded into what became a very personal and introspective set of songs.


About Animalweapon

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Animalweapon (a.k.a. Patrick Cortes). today also sees the release of his new album titled ‘Set Of Constraints’. Animalweapon is more than an electronic based music project. It is an immersive experience for the senses. And, in this interview, we get a solid glimpse of how and why that came to be with Patrick’s insight on, not only his new album, but how his music came to be and how it is evolving.

We also get that glimpse into the mind behind the music and what drives and inspires him from music to movies to life and everything in between.


About Kate Cosentino

Kate Cosentino has released her new single titled ‘I Don’t Know Where It Went Wrong’ and, in celebration of this release, we have an exclusive interview with Kate herself. And what an interview it is! More like a good conversation between old friends, imho. With this interview, we get a glimpse at, not only the artist, but mindful entrepreneur, social media star, and just all around good person and how she tackles the creative process and mix between business and art.


About Van Chamberlain

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Van Chamberlain. With their new album titled ‘In The Sun’ dropping today, we get a behind the scenes glimpse at the minds behind the magic behind the music. And today we talk with Van about this new album as well as how everything VC came to be and the recording process of this first full length album during COVID.

Recorded during the lockdown and released via Very Jazzed, ‘Into The Sun’ is a uniquely retro style of sound with hints of post-modern and smooth #indie rock. What I hear, that is totally signature, is the harmonic mix of the beautiful vocal mix and chord progressions via guitar. This gives such a blend of energy and inertia that one can’t help but crack a smile when listening. Think the vintage sound of 70’s AM radio hits with the fuel of MTV’s ‘120 Minutes’.


About The Mercy House

The Mercy House return with a dose of original music and visuals in the form of ‘Redemption’. As the elation wears off of me, I get giddy like a little girl as I watch this, for the first time. The music has an evolved sense of that hard edge, gritty, yet melodic sound that The Mercy House has peppered their fan base with for years, but, we also get that natural evolution from artists that know their music and progress as life happens.


About Cody Jasper

Cody Jasper has today released his new video for the single titled ‘Disco Lemonade’. To be honest, if this song and video totally sucked, I would still give it a good review just for the sheer coolness of the titled. Lets be clear, however, this song and video kicks all the asses.

A total future classic. Just saying the name alone demands that first listen. Having said all that, holy shit this song is dripping with awesomesauce fresh out of SRV’s nutsack. And, if you don’t get that, just keep listening to this monster-track until you do. You will. Or you won’t. Doesn’t matter. Because with ‘Disco Lemonade’ we have that stuff. That certain something not released from that bottle of funk o’ magic since the last of the original delta blues bars was closed down and replaced with a Dave & Busters.


About Lukas Rossi

Lukas Rossi has released the video for his latest track titled ‘A Perfect World’, from his upcoming album to be released later this year. Lukas has come a long way from his ‘Rock Star: Supernova‘ days. A very long way. In fact, I would say he has long ago found his sound and established himself musically.

With ‘A Perfect World’, we get a continuation of Lukas as he delves deeper from life and those affecting his life with meaning in the music and soul in the lyrics. We have an artist with an introverted heart and that heart is on his sleeve. This is what makes music resonate with most of us. We relate. We ingest. We make the song a part of us. This, to me, is what Lukas will be remembered for. Let’s listen.


About Svvarms

Svvarms (Swarms) has premiered their new video for the track titled ‘Oceans’, from their upcoming EP of the same name. Filling the headspace with imagination and originality, Svvarms gives an earnest performance in a stripped location that highlights the music in a pure and true atmosphere.

While atmospheric, ‘Oceans’ also gives a storybook feeling for the listener and an almost dreamlike state to absorb what you are hearing. Svvarms show, with ‘Oceans’ that simply being yourself, musically, can be the best way to showcase your music. Signature sounding from that first note, there is that certain something that endears this song, and in other ways, the band into your collection as well as your heart.