1. Why Tamara L. Wilson 4:44

This R&B / Pop crossover song features Macon, GA’s blind blues guitar legend Joey Stuckey, who plays and programs every instrument as Tamara takes us on a journey with her soulful vocals; asking the question “Why can’t love have the last word?” “Why” is the first release announcing the upcoming album “All About Love”. “All true stories” Tamara shares of her inspiration for each and every song on the album. The album is indeed “All About Love”. Straight from the heart. Exactly where Tamara is coming from! Spreading love and positive vibes is Tamara L. Wilson’s mission for her music; and it’s a breath of fresh air. To date, this will be Tamara’s second album, along with four EP’s, and a half a dozen singles including the latest release “The Lord’s Prayer” recorded to a hip hop groove.

Her music is a heart warming, ‘bootie shakin’, blend of new grooves and ole soulful sounds. Tamara’s music leads us back to the melodies of our heart and soul… Growing up in South Carolina, she started out singing locally and then worked the Marriott circuit for a while as a performing artist. Her songwriting really began to unfold while attending a community college in Mesa, AZ where she studied recording and music. As soon as her hands hit the keys, she was awakened to her natural and God given talent of crafting a soulful song using her heartfelt vocals. Tamara’s true heart’s desire is to uplift, inspire and make others feel better listening to her music.

SOURCE: Official Bio