The A.M.s have today released their new single titled ‘Ignite The Sky’. Deep alt-folk with substance is what I hear when I press play. Best to listen to this track while in a state of transition. This will be your guide. That subtle friend with a warm hand on your should letting you know that you are not the only one while pointing you forward. Isn’t that what music is about?

I myself am in this transition as I write this. Old friends exit and new ones take the stage. Part of me feels helpless that some of us, including me, have changed. But what I hear with ‘Ignite the Sky’ is that, within that helplessness, there is hope. Those beautiful lyrics of longing wrapped in such a lush musical journey that one can’t help but to wipe that tear. But, wiping that tear will clear your eyes and help you see things for what they are. That next chapter. And this song is the soundtrack for that transition.

About The A.M.s

Eclectic indie-folk duo, The A.M.s have released the title track off their debut album, “Ignite the Sky.” The single merges Adrian Libertini’s expressive and dynamic vocals with ethereal and tender vocals from Mariko Langan. The song builds by incorporating layered guitars, additional piano, and multiple drum tracks to capture the orchestral percussion. “Ignite the Sky” is now available to stream on digital platforms worldwide.

The cinematic yet empathetic track gives listeners a deep understanding of the profundity and emotional care The A.M.s possess through their nostalgic lyrics. “Humans coping with separation – whether because of adoption, quarantine, distance, or death – try as we might, we can only do so much,” The A.M.s state. “Continually, we hope for the stars to align so we can all be reunited once again.” The six-minute track centers around the feeling of longing for someone in hopes of reuniting with them once more. “But clouds begin to gather, the night no longer clear.

Celestial friends move on, I’m wishing they were near,” is a line expressing both metaphorically and literally times of separation. “I like to write in metaphors, and I often use nature as inspiration. The richness and sonic range of textures attempts to capture the immense vastness of the sky while the moments of quiet remind us of being solitary, separated within that vastness,” says Langan. According to Libertini, “Spiritually, we’ve been a band way longer. Probably from a past life.” The track depicts that the stars will align again and bring people together.

The indie-folk duo consists of Adrian Libertini (vocals, guitar, bass) and Mariko Langan (piano, backing vocals), long-distance friends that met when Libertini tuned Langan’s piano. He asked her if she wanted to play together, which led to the birth of The A.M.s. With Libertini now based in California and Langan based in Washington, the duo currently writes music by sharing ideas back and forth using the cloud, with the occasional video band practice. Despite the distance, the duo has amassed numerous songs across a variety of genres, and is working towards releasing their debut album later this year. The album, named after this single Ignite the Sky, was recorded at Earwig Studio in Seattle, WA, with Jason Edwards on drums.