Tamiga & 2Bad have released their new single titled ‘Tropical’. Making everything tropical with a suave soiree into the sun, the bright electronic pop and autotune add to the excitement and party atmosphere with a sweet European twist and flair.

About Tamiga & 2Bad

The two international artists, Tamiga & 2Bad release a new song, “TROPICAL”, a Balkan-accented song with a very commercial sound that makes you dance.

It all started in the summer of 2018 when a new musical debut was announced and also a successful collaboration.

Laurentiu from Body&Soul reinvented himself under the name 2Bad, who started the collaboration with Tamiga, the two then prepared the super-song “In Havana” which surpassed 52 million views on YouTube, the song has a fresh air and since the first chords takes us thinking about the holiday, and since then the two are on the rise.

This reason for joy couldn’t be celebrated in any other way than with a new song, so the 2 performers, release the song “TROPICAL”, with Balkan chords molded perfectly to their listeners’ liking.

“Tamiga and I didn’t think that in such a short time we could cross this threshold of 293,000 subscribers and even get the silver button, coveted by everyone who has a YouTube channel.

Tamiga & 2Bad’s songs have a big audience abroad and are played by radio stations all over the world ( Give Me Love, reaching the 23rd place in tranding in the Republic of Moldova ), so we are much more known than in our own country.” Laurentiu told us.

“As for the song you know very well that we somehow keep our personal imprint although the song “Tropical” has a Balkan sound, we try every time a new sound that will reach the hearts of all our listeners.” Tamiga told us.