I founded The Cides in Bristol UK in 2019 as a means of vocalising my anger at the number of people experiencing homelessness. The Cides’ mission is to raise awareness about the social and environmental injustices we suffer at the hands of a small group of people to whom we have gradually surrendered our power. We advocate that communities, where everyone is valued, should have the power to decide on the structures, laws and values to adopt: not have edicts forced on us by some monarchy, oligarchy or the tip of a a hierarchical government that does not act in our interests. By definition, being anti these ‘archys’, I am proud to say, makes me an anarchist.

The Cides is not a fixed lineup. Amazing musicians contribute from around the world but with the core ‘family’ drawn from the UK and France. One thing we all have in common is anger against the corrupt unelected individuals who sit at the top of a power pyramid we have allowed to be created.” Paul Hayward

This song is about waking people up to the efforts of Gates and Co. to turn us into androids and the importance of love and being human. If we don’t resist, this could be the end of the human race.

There’s a lot of interest, even excitement, about ‘the gain function’ humans will enjoy by embracing Transhumanism. It appears to be awash with benefits. From enabling the blind to see to acquiring Jason Bourne-like superpowers.

But is there a downside? Yes, a big one!

The science requires a Transhuman Neural Chip (TNC) to be placed in the brain, itself a computer, that enables computational and wireless communication capabilities. The technology is amazing: imagine all the functionality you enjoy from your mobile phone and more without the phone, charge cables and endless passwords. Launch an app by just thinking about it. But how will these two ‘computers’ work with each other?

SOURCE: Official Bio